Weekly Specials

Specials of the week

Lamb Burger: – Two 4 oz lamb burgers with baby spinach, tomato and red onion, topped with tzatziki. Served with ‘slaw and chunky chips. £9.45

Tuscan Casserole: – Tuscan style sausage, tomato and cannellini bean slow cooked casserole with sage and bay, finished with grated grana pardano. £8.45

Quesadilla: – Pulled BBQ jackfruit and vegan cheese in a toasted tortilla with vegan cheese sauce and guacamole. Served with French fries. £8.95 (Vegan)

Veggie Chilli Nachos: Rich and spicy soya chilli with red kidney beans, tomato and onions. Served over nachos with guacamole, sour cream and topped with grated cheese. £8.45 (Veggie)

Hoisin Chicken Kebabs : – Marinated chicken, red onion and red pepper skewers served with spicy rice and a side salad. £8.95

Quiche: – Homemade quiche served with chunky chips salad and ‘slaw. (Ask staff for today’s flavour) £7.95(Veggie)


Whilst our team adheres to strict standards we prepare food in a kitchen where nuts, cereals and other allergens are present. Some dishes may contain more than one allergen. Please let us know of any dietary requirements or food intolerances. We use vegetable oil containing GM soya.